Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

best mechanical gaming keyboardTop gaming gear will keep you at the top of the game.  A gaming keyboard is just one of the peripherals you can’t go without more so if you are into eSports gaming and the like.

Mechanical keyboards are extremely popular in serious gaming. This is because they are more robust than their membrane-based counterparts. They are more responsive and allow you more customization.

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Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboards 2020

ModelSwitch TypeBacklight ColorNumber of KeysConstruction MaterialKey building TechniquePrice
Redragon K552Outemu Blue SwitchesRGB with five lighting modes87 full-size keys
12 multimedia keys
Aircraft-Grade Aluminum ABS materialDouble-shot injection molded keycapsCheck Price
EagleTec KG010Blue switchBlue104 full-size keys
12 multimedia keys
Aircraft-Grade Aluminum ABS materialDouble-shot injection molded keycapsCheck Price
Logitech G710+Cherry MX Brown switchesDual-zone110 anti-ghosting
26- key rollover
Glossy black plasticOne-touch media keys with silent clicksCheck Price
CORSAIR STRAFECherry MV Red switchesRed104 100% anti-ghosting
and key rollover
Durable plasticTextured and contoured keycaps without audible clicksCheck Price
Corsair K95 RGB PlatinumCherry MX Brown switchesRGB104 100% anti-ghosting
and key rollover
Aircraft-Grade Aluminum ABS material and plastic keysSmooth keycaps with short travel distanceCheck Price
Razer BlackWidow X Tournament EditionRazer GreenChroma87 total keys with anti-ghosting
10-key rollover
Military grade metalShorter actuation raised razer keysCheck Price
Hcman GamingBlue SwitchesRainbow pattern with nine boards and six colors87 anti-ghosting and key rolloverSandblasted aluminum top shellFast responsive, double shot molded keycapsCheck Price
Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2Razer mechanical switch keysChroma87 anti-ghosting
10-key rollover
Military grade metalShorter actuation razer keysCheck Price
Logitech G613Romer-G Mechanical switchesN/A104 keysDurable plasticQuiet and precise keycapsCheck Price
Corsair K 63 WirelessCherry MX Red switchesBlue87Aircraft-Grade Aluminum ABS material and plastic keysSmooth keycaps and click-abilityCheck Price

We cannot underestimate the comfort brought about by the classic feel on a mechanical keyboard. It does not only supplement your gaming PC, but it can also unlock your gaming potential.

We have carefully selected these models to include both wired and wireless mechanical gaming keyboards in a quest to find that product that will satisfy your specific needs. These are keyboards that will improve your gaming speed for fast-paced games and give you a real chance at winning every game.

1. Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – A Compact Keyboard Engineered to Last

Our first recommendation for the most reliable mechanical gaming keyboard is the Redragon K552model. It comes at a budget price making it ideal if you have already spent a good amount of money on your other gaming gear like the CPU and the GPU.

Looking at the design, Redragon has over-engineered this keyboard to feature plate mounted keys on a solid aircraft grade aluminum ABS shell. This should take a thorough beating no matter how you rant at the keys in the latest games. With a metal integrated between the keys and the PCB, you can be sure the keys are not about to come apart any time soon.

Do you have lots of gaming stuff on your desktop? This keyboard will not take any more space than it deserves. With 87 conflict-free and anti-ghosting keys, you will have every command at your fingertips.

These are Outemu custom mechanical switches that give you longevity and greater responsiveness. You will have a satisfying bounce-back owing to the medium resistance coupled with crisp tactile feedback and an audible click sound. What more would you want for your gaming needs?

Not to mention, it explores RGB lighting with five lighting modes for the ultimate gaming setting. You can adjust the backlight brightness, breathing speed or turn it off. It offers you complete control for meeting your gaming needs.


  • Uses a high-speed USB cable
  • It comes with 12 multimedia keys
  • Has adjustable rear feet to help achieve a comfortable typing angle
  • It is splash-proof with scratch-proofed keys for more longevity
  • Uniformed backlighting
  • Five RGB modes
  • Corrosion free USB connector
  • Compact 87-key design


  • It does not have instructions on how to program the keys
Redragon wins big by providing an all-around mechanical gaming keyboard. With customizable settings and durable rig, this model is all you need for the most sophisticated games.

2. EagleTec KG010 LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Every gamer needs keystroke accuracy. The EagleTec model presents us with just that solution offering custom mechanical blue switches. It gives you a blend of aesthetics and functionality so you will never get bored of using this keyboard for years to come.

The keyboard’s plate mounted keys and switches rest on an aircraft-grade aluminum ABS shell. It will stand up to the most rigorous uses whether in your gaming room or the office. The Eagletec utilizes 104 keys layout. It has an array of 12 multimedia keys and buttons that allow you to disable the WIN key and interchange the WASD and arrow keys.

All the keys are non-conflict and anti-ghosting. They give you improved tactile feedback, precise actuation, medium resistance, and an audible click sound. It also follows the Redragon design by including a metallic plate between the keys and the PCB.

Unlike the Redragon, this keyboard bears Blue backlighting and ten adjustable brightness levels. They are complemented by the double-shot, injection-molded keycaps that provide uniform lighting. They also ensure the color does not scratch off as the years roll by.

You get an ergonomic keyboard for your PC that as non-slip rubber feet. The angle is adjustable to give you the most comfortable typing position. It is also made to withstand spills so your gaming fun will never be cut short if you happen to have clumsy hands.

EagleTech KG010 maintains a reliable connection via a gold-plated USB. It is deemed to last and still stand up to high vigorous gaming demands.  However, you will not be able to route headsets or connects an audio jack.


  • Mechanical blue switch for faster keying in
  • Double-shot injection molded keys caps resists fading
  • Offers precise keystrokes and tactile bump feedback
  • Keys are splash-proof
  • 104 standard-design keys with 12 multimedia keys
  • Connection via a highly functional USB for gaming purposes


  • It does not have provisions for routing other stuff like headsets
The EagleTech Keyboard remains a decent addition to any gaming setup. It has a small footprint despite having 104 keys meaning it will not snatch off any available gaming space. For those looking to own a blue switch mechanical keyboard in durable and functional design, you have it in the Eagletec KG010.

3. Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – The Best model built with High-Speed Silent Keys

Desirable gaming performance and a host of multimedia controls and programmable keys is what the Logitech G710+ is all about. It is a premium model that has more to offer when it comes to gaming practicality and functionality. Logitech G710+ employs Cherry MX Brown mechanical switches which are welcome to any gaming enthusiast.

You will love the thoughtfulness integrated into the design as it has some exciting features like the detachable wrist rest and adjustable dual-zone lighting. There are programmable macro keys (G-keys) with three swappable sets.

This opens up a total of 18 functions which give you control of the simplest to the most complicated functions and intricate LUA scripts. Every game is unique, and this gaming keyboard is here to get you more juice for every competition.

It takes a unique road in the construction design. Instead of using an aluminum plate, this keyboard opts to go for a glossy black plastic complemented by orange highlights on the macro keys. It is an appealing look that you will love even if you are not so keen on detail.

This keyboard is operated using one USB cable. You will find some intuitive channels under the keyboard to help manage any wires and keep them from distracting you. It is a heavy-duty plastic coated cable that can be prone to tangling. But you will find that the molding provides perfect management of this cable.

Seeing that the keyboard applies a Brown mechanical switch on every key, it can get very loud. But Logitech employs a noise dampening ring to each ring to ensure your clicks are not disturbingly loud. This makes it a good offering if you are buying this keyboard for both gaming and typing jobs.

Looking at the lighting, Logitech G710+ benefits from dual-channel lighting. The WASD and arrow keys are illuminated differently from the rest of the keyboard. This enables you to put separate illumination on regular keys and the gaming keys. Even with the backlighting turned off, you will notice that the keys are not similar seeing that the gaming keys have silver grey keycaps distinct from the black caps on the other keys.


  • It provides a quiet typing experience
  • High responsiveness and keystroke accuracy is maintained
  • It has a gaming mode button for disabling Windows key
  • Dual-zone lighting helps to keep track of the arrow and WASD keys
  • It has six programmable G-keys
  • Programming is pretty easy with the help of Macro Record Button


  • Lacks bounce and loud click-ability offered by other mechanical keyboards
Performance meets functionality in the Logitech G710+. This model follows a sleek look with programmable keys and dual-zone lighting. It gives you total control and remarkable keystroke performance. For the price, Logitech G710+ is a true winner.

4. CORSAIR STRAFE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Only keyboard with Textured Red Keys for Fast and Successive Keying

The CORSAIR STRAFE mechanical keyboard seeks to offer you the best gaming performance at a modest price. It maintains top performance features which include Cherry MX Red switch keys and high build quality.

The keys are not obnoxiously loud in both typing and gaming sessions. This makes it a good candidate for at home and the office where distractions are not a welcome feature. The design of this keyboard is by molded plastic keys except for the spacebar which is steel-hatched. The keys are textured and are characterized by a feeling of smoothness.

A red bed is not common color in modern offices, but since you are getting it for gaming, you will be impressed by how well it matches virtual environments. You can only adjust the brightness and not the backlight color. So, if you don’t like the red, you may have to opt for RGB like in the Redragon or Corsair K95 model.

The keyboard may not be made of aluminum but we can tell the plastic build is of high-quality. It can withstand daily ranting and heavy usage without fear the keycaps will come off, or the ink will fade with time. We even like that using plastic makes it lightweight which means you can take it on the road without feeling like it’s going to drag you.

CORSAIR STRAFE has a 104-key configuration. They all utilize Cherry MX Red switches. Each key is lit individually. You get full key rollover and 100% anti-ghosting to prevent jamming and input lags. Not to mention, the keys are highly responsive and are without an audible click.

Every key on this model is programmable. It allows you to create macros using Corsair Utility Engine software so that you can save any button sequence. The USB passthrough can accept a wireless headset adapter or your mouse.


  • It offers six lighting patterns
  • Cherry MX red switches with gold crosspoint contacts
  • Textured and contoured keycaps
  • USB pass-through for numerous connections
  • Easy-to-access multimedia keys
  • Gaming-grade circuitry with 100% anti-ghosting and key rollover


  • It is a bit complicated to setup
When you want to gain a competitive advantage, the mechanical; red switches are guaranteed to give you more clicking speed. Your games only get better with the Corsair Strafe.

5. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – High-End Keyboard with Superior Responsiveness

Corsair K95 Platinum takes the shine off other mechanical gaming keyboards. With Cherry MX Brown mechanical switches, it has it all in a sporty design. The keys are super responsive keys with reduced actuation points when compared to its predecessor the Corsair Vengeance.

It has raised mechanical keys that provide light tactile feedback. This promises you more performance as you will have precise timing and fewer distractions. The macro keys structured on the left side of the keyboard make it pretty easy to add functions and map using this keyboard.

We see lots of impressive features on this model. It boasts an appealing exterior with an aluminum shell. It is durable and lighter than other keyboards that use the same material. It is an excellent companion both at a small desk or on your lap because of the small footprint. The 104 keys are on the black plastic chassis alongside media keys at the top that are domed shaped for fast tweaking of the volume.

You will like that this keyboard has a reversible wrist rest which you can choose from either a smooth or textured finish. It comes with an X-shaped channel that provides the convenience of stacking the USB underneath the shell.

Now you can take advantage of the full RGB lighting effects. Corsair Platinum has vibrant and dynamic lighting that has unlimited customization. Every key is backlit, but you can adjust each key’s color and brightness. It also has an additional light bar with 19 zones to give you even more dramatic lighting.

This keyboard is entirely independent of external software. With 8MB onboard profile storage, you can access up to three saved profiles while on the go. This way, you don’t; have to go without your favorite gaming gear while on road trips or when you switch between machines.

Corsair Utility Engine Software supports this model. It is of incredible help when it comes to managing macros and lighting on all your Corsair devices. It has a simple interface that is easy to navigate when making swaps to your lighting. It gives you the chance to record functions into the macro and access them when making use of the keyboard for gaming purposes. It also gives you a quick preview of the current settings in real time allowing you to keep tabs on the recorded and saved functions.


  • Aircraft-grade aluminum shell can withstand rigorous usage
  • Multicolor lighting has unlimited customization options
  • 8MB onboard storage for accessing profiles on the go
  • CUE offers more versatility in the macros functions and lighting options
  • 100% anti-ghosting keys with full rollover
  • Cherry MX Brown switches provide superior responsiveness


  • It is a bit expensive
The Corsair K95 Platinum is a robust model that appears gamey. It includes more performance features plus the lighting is premium setting a new high for RGB lighting. For smooth, vibrant, and exceptional performance with the K95 Platinum.

6. Razer BlackWidow X Tournament Edition Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Most Versatile Keyboard with 80million mechanical switch Keystrokes

Every gamer has probably heard of Razer. Their products speak for themselves, and the Razer BlackWidow X Tournament Edition is no exception. It has revamped everything we know about mechanical gaming keyboards thanks to the advanced actuation on the Razer mechanical keys.

These keys actuate at an optimal distance. They give you faster speeds for quick executions needed in gaming. The raised keys appear more futuristic as you can peak under them and have a look at their engineering. With the military grade polished metal housing, you can be sure to count on this keyboard for decades.

With the same technology seen on all its components, this keyboard can deliver up to 80 million keystrokes. This is on its mechanical keys switches which are 30million higher than on regular Cherry MX switches. It is without a doubt built to last.

If you wish to take this keyboard to competitions and LAN parties, you can do it without hassle as it does not weigh much. What’s more, it comes with a carrying pouch for simplified storage during transport.

Razer backlighting offers you endless lighting capabilities with 16.8 million color options. You can program the color for each key. The Razer Synapse gives you access to these Chroma features such that you can choose from the preloaded lighting effects and also get to customize your own. This way, personalizing your preferred gaming effects will be effortless and straightforward.

You have access to keys that disable Windows, volume control, and on the fly, macro to record and save macros all on the top of the keyboard. It also offers 10-key rollover and 100% anti-ghosting.

However, if you would like to program functions on a numeric keypad, it will not be possible with this keyboard.


  • Highly responsive mechanical switches
  • Shorter actuation and on second resetting
  • Chroma backlighting gives access to 16.8 million color options
  • Provide an inter-device color synchronization
  • Military grade construction
  • Highly portable and the carrying pouch is provided
  • Endless color customization using Razer Synapse


  • It does not have a number keypad
If you want a keyboard purposed only for gaming, then you will be happy with the Razer BlackWidow X Tournament. It represents a more comprehensive model with its Chroma lighting, and the speeds are exceptional thanks to Razer’s mechanical switches. It is a durable mechanical keyboard that will give you 80 million keystrokes.

7. Hcman Gaming Mechanical Keyboard LED Backlit – Incredible Model for Both Gamers and Typists

Hcman Gaming Mechanical Keyboard is a well-rounded model. It brings you a keyboard with blue switches that are effective for both gaming and typing purposes. It is highly responsive with just the right bounce for speedy inputs when gaming but with control for typists.

This is a tenkeyless mechanical keyboard which means it does not have a numeric keypad. You will, however, be able to take advantage of the small design. It can fit on small desktop spaces, and you can also take it to gaming competitions. The mouse will also be closer to you plus you can use it on your lap thus maximizing comfort and accuracy levels.

This a real mechanical keyboard with 87 keys with 100% anti-ghosting and on-second accuracy for quick response when hitting multiple keys. It gives you a crisp sense of tapping for additional control. With the unique click sound, every stroke is calculated giving you smooth tactile feedback.

Although it is compact, this keyboard provides you simple multimedia control. The shortcut keys to adjusting the lighting, volume and accessing email are on the function (f) keys. It has six colors in a rainbow pattern that you can adjust to different modes.

With nine lighting modes. You have access to different effects like the full LED mode, pulsating mode, flowing mode, and many others. You can also switch off the color effects, and the keys are still easy to see in normal lighting.

Apart from the color effects modes, you can adjust to a favorite color speed by pressing on the Function key with a (+) or (-). And finally, you can fully restore the settings of the keyboard.

The artistry of the Hcman is just incredible. It utilizes a sandblasted aluminum coated top shell. It can withstand roughing up and dropping plus the keys’ ink will not be scratched off. We do love the quality of the braided USB cable since it does not tangle to give you cord nightmare.

Better still, it uses double-shot ABS keycaps with smooth edges and maximum contrast when the lighting is on. It expressed durability in the construction and flexibility during use. The flip feet allow adjusting the typing angle and the rubber feet stabilize it fully when gaming.


  • Robust construction from sandblasted aluminum
  • Real anti-ghosting performance
  • Rainbow LED backlighting
  • Nine color modes and six colors
  • Blue switches are highly responsive for super-fast and smooth typing
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Vista


  • It does not have a numeric keypad
From the very beautiful Rainbow backlighting to the use of blue switches, the Hcman mechanical gaming keyboard is both good at home and the office. It is durable with lots of functional features.

8. Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Most Ergonomic Design

The Razer BlackWidow Tournament V2 is one of the best value mechanical gaming keyboards. It is a high-end model, so we except all the features to be in this price range. First, this keyboard comes with Razer Mechanical switches. It gives a pleasant feel because of the click-ability. You may confuse it with the Blue switches as they are smooth, but they have a shorter travel distance which gives it more bounce.

This model also features anti-ghosting capability and 10-key rollover. It is completely dedicated to gaming meaning that the keys are best applicable for gaming instead of typing or editing tasks. Its full gaming capability is unlocked via the Raze Synapse software. Here, you can expect to use macros and create profiles for specific games.

Razor applies the latest design in the construction of the BlackWidow V2. It has an ergonomic slanted design which allows using the keyboard with or without the feet. The front edge ends in a high-quality wrist rest adorned with faux leather. It has extra foam which makes it soft for comfortable use of the keyboard.

The backlighting on this keyboard is on the keys, letters, and all-around the spaces in the console. Razer Chroma gives you more than just multicolor lighting. It opens up possibilities for numerous personalization using Chroma’s 16.8 million backlighting colors. You can combine as many colors as you want on all the keys.

We notice that Razer uses painted symbols on some of the keys like the @ and &. This makes it hard for them to be picked by the backlighting. It makes it hard to see the keys in the dark, so if you are now well-versed with the keyboard, you may find it a little hard to navigate through those keys in the dark.


  • Small footprint for portability
  • Can sync lighting effects with all Razer devices
  • Razer mechanical keys are smooth and super-responsive
  • Soft leather wrist rest
  • Razer Synapse quickly enables advanced features
  • Ten key anti-ghosting to help execution of up to 10 ten commands at the same time
  • All keys are tactile and clicky


  • Some key symbols are not etched on the keycap
Razer BlackWidow Tournament V2 comes with a simple design. It is ergonomic and thoughtfully constructed to give perfect comfort. You will like the clicky keys with the tactile feedback for a memorable gaming experience.

9. Logitech G613 LightSpeed Mechanical Keyboard – Best Wireless Model with a Long Battery Life

Logitech brings a unique wireless keyboard.

It is on rare occasion to find a wireless mechanical gaming keyboard, but the Logitech G613 is an exception. It does not have many tricks and lighting that accompany other models, but it offers you excellent mechanical switches and programmable keys.

This keyboard is tailored towards everyone who wants to cut the cords from the mouse to the console so that you can move freely and game from your favorite location. With the six programmable keys on the left side of the keyboard and buttons to switch on the game mode, this model is not your average mechanical keyboard.

Everything falls into place starting with the G keys that are in a straight line. You can quickly activate these keys using your pinky finger. You will also love the addition of the media keys alongside the number keypad. This way, you can quickly adjust the volume of your music and even play and pause any media with ease.

Wireless technology leans into the future. It does not experience any latency and delays that could delay your gaming sessions. It comes with two buttons which allow instant connection with your PC using the available receiver. You can connect the keyboard via Bluetooth, but it is going to slow down during a game, so you better stick to the receiver connection.

You have lots of customization possibilities with Logitech G613 with Logitech’s Gaming Software. Whether you are mapping functions to the G keys or you want to disable keys to enable the gaming mode, this software will provide incredible help.


  • It has super-fast 1ms report rate
  • Connects via 2.4GHz wireless technology
  • G keys allow personalization of functions
  • Achieves quiet mechanical performance
  • Batteries are reliable for up to 18 months


  • It does not have backlighting
If you are not looking to be wowed by aesthetics and the like, Logitech G613 should give you the convenience of working with a wireless gaming mechanical keyboard. You will love the connectivity speeds, strong build, and reliable mechanical switches.

10. Corsair K 63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Best Wireless Model with Real Gaming Power

Enjoy the freedom of a wireless mechanical keyboard with the Corsair K63.  Unlike the Logitech G610, this model comes with everything you would love to see on a gaming keyboard. It lets you go wireless and still enjoy the perks of owning practical gaming gear. The only compromise you will have to make is to keep recharging the console.

This model explores a compact and portable design. It has a detachable wrist pad to allow carriage with ease. It is also tenkeyless to reduce the footprint. The Cherry MX Red switch keys design is perhaps the most incredible entity of this model. They give you smooth keying in which is not very loud so you can talk to other gamers in the same room with you.

Corsair K63 has blue LED lighting per key. With the large front keys, the backlight is well-distributed to deliver a beautiful vibrant effect. It connects through ultrafast 2.4GHz wireless technology. We don’t expect any latency with this model as it chooses to use the entire path for fast connectivity at 1ms.

You can still opt to use it with a wired connection using a USB. What’s more, it is protected using a secure and dependable 128-bit AES encryption. This way, you will never deal with a hacker who could intercept your keystrokes.

Corsair’s Utility Engine Software is an excellent addition to this keyboard. You will be able to assign macros to any of the keys and also explore dramatic lighting for total customization.


  • 4GHz 1ms gaming optimized wireless connectivity
  • Cherry MX Red mechanical switches
  • Supports Bluetooth technology and wired connections
  • Tenkeyless compact design for portability


  • It has only 15 hours of battery life
For a wireless mechanical keyboard that offers all the features for high-performance gaming, Corsair K63 delivers serious competition. It does not compromise on speeds, customization, and mechanical switches.

The Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard in 2020: Features to Consider Before Buying

By now it is apparent that mechanical keyboards are not built equally. Before you set out to buy your next gaming keyboard, it’s essential to have a few tips at hand.

Mechanical keyboards have been around since the invention of computers. The reasons we love them is because of their precise control and durability. But they are not the only available gaming keyboards on the market.

You will also encounter membrane-based gaming keyboards.

Mechanical vs. Membrane Gaming Keyboards

Membrane keyboards have silicone or rubber domes. They need to pressing all the way down to give the feedback. With technology advancements, these keyboards are slowly bridging the actuation gap, but they do not match that of mechanical keyboards.

You will like them if you want a quiet typing experience but for gaming purposes, you are better off with a mechanical keyboard. They have a base, spring, and stem system to complete the switch system. They are mostly tactile, and they produce a click sound, so you are always sure when you press. This allows you to hit more than one key with superfast speeds without making any mistakes.

What should you look for in the Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard?


This is the elephant in the room, well after price. Knowing what switches you want will scale down the requirements much faster. You need to identify the travel distance (actuation), noise, and the bump you prefer.

Cherry MX switches are an industry standard; it is not surprising why they are so many varieties. For gaming, Cherry MX Blue, Red, and Brown are the most common.

Cherry MX Blue has a slight bump and a click sound. It gives you easy keying since you only need to press it halfway and it actuates. Blue switches have a high pitch sound that is not as loud as other switches.

Cherry MX Brown is quieter than the Blue, but it provides similar switch performance. Cherry MX Red, on the other hand, have a low actuation force. They are considered lightweight with the least keying force being exerted.

Form Factor

You will encounter either full-size keyboards or tenkeyless keyboards. Full-size models offer all the functions you will need for gaming. You don’t have to worry about function layers if you are just gaming at the basic level. You may find full-size keyboards to be larger which might lead you to move your hands far to reach all the keys.

A tenkeyless keyboard does not have the number keypad. It is shorter and much better to operate with if you will be using a mouse. But when you need numbers to program specific functions, then you will be limited.

It comes down to the games you intend to play and whether or not you want a portable mechanical keyboard.

Programmable Keys

Macro keys allow you to program certain keys for unique functions. They are best suitable for MOBA, FPS, RTS, and other action games. Some keyboards feature six keys while others can have up to 18 macro keys. They come in handy to allow you access to specific moves and in-game combinations.


You definitely want the perfect gaming keyboard. After you have chosen the mechanical switches, next comes building the gaming environment. Although you can still go with the lighting, choosing a color will get you a beautiful and vibrant gaming keyboard.

One color, RGB, Rainbow, and Razer’s Chroma are your options here. With backlighting, you will be able to allocate the colors to the various keys so that you will know which finger is pressing where at all times.

Bottom Line

The Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard will help you optimize your gaming experience. We have only listed models that give you real performance and outstanding features to complement any gaming gear. Investing in one of these keyboards guarantees you an incredible performance. They give you powerful mechanical key switches, additional gaming speed, and a wonderful gaming experience.9

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