Best Foldable Electric Scooters for Adults in 2020

Best Foldable Electric Scooters for Adults in 2020

best foldable electric scootersCommuting to and from work is a daily hassle in today’s global society. Millions of people waste precious time in traffic every day. If you never arrive to work on time, it’s time to reinvent your commute.

Electric scooters are the new thing. These are motorized scooters that are compact and portable. They offer a speedy way of getting to work when walking is impractical and driving means you get stuck in traffic.

We have scanned the market and come up with the Best Foldable Electric Scooter. This is an appealing solution as it is efficient, inexpensive, and you can stow it away for compact storage.

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Best Foldable Electric Scooters 2020

ModelBattery and MotorTop Speed and RangeSuspensionScooter WeightAllowed WeightStandout FeaturesPrice
Speedway Mini 4 Pro500 Watt Motor
748Wh Battery
28mph top speed
40 miles range on a single charge
8-inch front air tire
Articulated hinge
Dual rear adjustable springs
36 lbs270 lbs• Height-adjustable
• Near ground headlights
• Optional seat and fast-charger
• Collapsible handlebars
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Speedway IV Pro600W sustained
1200W Max
1347Wh lithium-polymer battery
32+ mph
60+ miles on one charge
Front and rear adjustable suspension52 lbs300 lbs• Hybrid braking system
• Six high-visibility lights
• Innovative locking design
• Quick access to the body for simple maintenance
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Inokim OX Super600-13000W motor
57.6V Lithium-ion Battery
16mph (28mph)
62 miles on one charge
Adjustable dual suspension61.7 lbs267 lbs• Front and rear disc brakes
• Wide deck
• Backlit
• Brushless motor
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Xiaomi M365 Folding Electric Scooter250-500W motor
280Wh Lithium-ion Battery
9.3 mph
18.9 miles on one charge
Front Suspension26.9 lbs220 lbs• Anti-slide handles
• Three simple folding steps
• Six battery protection features
• Battery regenerates energy
• Folds in three seconds
• Includes a smart app
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Segway Ninebot ES4300W motor
18Wh battery
22 miles range on a single charge
Rear and front shock absorption system31 lbs240 lbs• Dual-braking system
• Customizable deck LED lights
• Smart support app
• Multiple ride mode
• Cruise control
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Uscooter Booster E-Twow500W motor
33V 6.5Ah Lithium-polymer battery
21miles on one charge
Spring suspension from the deck to wheels24 lbs290 lbs• Kickstart
• LED display
• Double braking system
• 3-point folding mechanism
• Airless rubber tires
• Kinetic energy recovery system
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Glion Dolly240-600W brushless motor
36V 6.6Ah Lithium-ion Battery
15 miles on one charge
Front Suspension28 lbs255 lbs• Self-standing
• Roller wheels
• Dashboard battery indicator
• Antilock braking system
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EcoReco S5700W motor
42V Lithium-ion Battery
20 miles full charge
Full suspension from front to rear wheels30 lbs250 lbs• Safe-start throttle
• Rear wheel drive
• Takes to hours to charge to 70%
• Full deck and handlebars
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QIEWA Q1Hummer800W quiet, brushless motor
48V 26Ah 5C Lithium-ion Battery
62 miles on a single charge
Dual shock absorbers55 lbs550 lbs• 10-inch pneumatic tires with insulation
• Double disc brakes
• Front and rear lights
• IP65 water-resistant rating
• Mobile charging function
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CELLOT250W motor
188Wh Lithium-ion Battery
15.5 miles on a single charge
Front Suspension14 lbs220 lbs• Carbon fiber chassis
• Bright LCD
• Front lights and rear braking light
• Ultra-slim deck
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Foldable Electric scooters are an easy solution to covering short distances. You will not have to deal with parking a car when you just want to get to the grocery store that is only two blocks away. They are also super fun to ride since you can ride along with your kids in the outdoors.

Today’s electric scooters are portable designs that do not compromise on speed. They can hold a charge to give you vast range on a single charge. What’s more, they are environment-friendly.

Whether you are looking for a foldable electric scooter that can cruise the streets, take on steep hills, you want a high-end model, or you are on a budget, we have found the best electric scooters for adults.

The top 10 list of the best electric foldable scooters

1. Speedway Mini 4 Pro

If you are in the scooter market for a powerful model, chances are it weighs over 50 pounds. But Speedway is redefining the specs by providing a lightweight scooter that is powerful. At only 36 pounds, it is a practical solution for commute.


Speedway Mini 4 Pro comes with a 500W hub motor and 748Wh battery pack. It has more range and speed than its predecessors since it can spin at 28mph. It is quite mind-boggling considering it accommodates more weight, and it reaches further distances making it an ideal pick when you want to get to work on time.

The Lithium Polymer battery pack is the unique aspect of this scooter as it gives you more juice to get to just about any place up to 40 miles on one charge. We must say it is the first of its kind since even high-end scooters on the market average 20 miles on a single charge. It is no wonder why Speedway has a stable footing in the global market, especially in the US.

Convenient Features

The controls of this scooter are on the dashboard. It gives detailed information about the various settings from the battery level, speed, power mode, and the running time. You will be able to control the speed and use the electronic brakes for smooth stopping.

The cruise control is a nice feature since you can maintain the speed without engaging the throttle or changing the mode. The screen is LED backlit to ensure you can read it when riding in low-lit environments. It also comes with powerful front-facing headlights that can scan up to 25ft ahead of you.

And when you are done riding, the folding mechanism provides smooth folding for effortless storage.

We especially like the suspension system on this scooter. It complements the pneumatic air tires on this scooter. The suspension is installed in an intelligent design as it has dual shock dampeners and a shock-absorbing hinge on the rear wheels. The front wheel is an air tire that has a shock absorber installed above the front fork.

Drawbacks but not Deal Breakers

This scooter comes with a low-quality charger. Many users attest to its breaking apart, and it is expensive to replace one. You will also find that it is a bit slow when climbing steep areas especially when the battery hits below 50%. Also, braking takes a little time getting used to since your weight has to be on the rear wheel for smooth braking.


  • It has a mechanical drum brake and electrical regenerative braking
  • Handlebar is height-adjustable
  • A lightweight lithium-polymer battery pack
  • It offers an optional seat and fast-charger
  • High cruising speed of up to 28mph


  • It needs a full battery to climb hills with ease


Speedways Mini 4 Pro is a top-of-the-line electric foldable scooter. It offers you vast range, high speeds, and simple controls. It is a powerful model that guarantees longevity and functionality for everyday use.

2. Speedway IV Pro

Speedway is an influential brand. The IV Pro is an advanced model of the Mini 4 Pro. It has more intuitive features which come down to a higher price tag. It features a higher battery capacity, greater range, and higher speeds.


The battery pack capacity is almost double that of the Mini Pro at 1347Wh. This means it can speed even faster since it can reach incredible speeds of over 32mph. The motor can provide 600W sustained power, but you can crank it up all the way to 1200W. It allows you to get to places faster plus you can ride hills with way less effort.

You can cruise for over 60 miles on one charge meaning you can go further and it can accommodate more weight than the Speedway Mini 4 Pro. It has a stylish design with a thinner deck that is more practical.

This scooter employs wider 10-inch wheels with superior suspensions. It lends itself to smoother rides thanks to the front hydraulic system that consists of a robust spring. It also comes with adjustable dual shock absorbers on the rear wheels.

Convenient Features

While the Mini 4 comes with one drum brake on the rear wheel, this scooter has disc brakes attached to both the front and rear wheel. Its regenerative brake has been engineered to withstand the power generated by the motor.

When it comes to the folding mechanism, the Speedway IV Pro uses an advanced mechanism that is straightforward without the chance that it’s going to jam as you engage the folding latch.

What’s not to like?

This scooter is not entirely waterproof. If you ride in puddles or extremely wet surfaces, you risk damaging the battery. Also, it is advisable not to use this scooter on a full charge because the battery is highly sensitive to an overcharge.


  • Shock-absorbing pneumatic front tire and rear suspension
  • Adjustable suspension
  • Cruise control provides constant speed
  • Advanced folding mechanism
  • Straightforward maintenance


  • You should not ride it with a full battery


For an upscale, high-quality electric scooter, Speedway IV Pro is your best bet at achieving fast and safe cruising speeds. Although it is heavy, we can attest this effect to the battery pack and capacity to support more weight.

3. Inokim OX

Inokim is a leading producer of light and foldable electric scooters. The Inokim OX is designed to meet the needs of every rider who needs a convenient way to get to work and ride on rough terrain.

The 800W brushless motor can max out at 1300W. If you need to go longer distances, this scooter will give you a decent range of up to 62 miles. It uses a lithium-ion battery that is installed within the rear wheel. It is a 76V battery that has enough juice to get you cruising all day.

Inokim OX explores a patented suspension system. You can customize it according to the road you will ride and even according to your weight. The high position is applicable when you need larger suspension for heavy riders and for riding on rugged terrain.

When you want more speed and better stability on smooth pavements, the low setting will be ideal for you.

Convenient Features

Controlling this scooter is effortless. The power on and power off settings are on one function on the dashboard. It comes with a thumb button that you press gently to accelerate. You can increase and decrease the speed by changing the modes. If you want to cruise at the same speeds, the cruise control turns on. But you have to learn how to stop when in cruise control since it does not reduce your speed.

What’s not to like?

The battery on this scooter takes anywhere from 8-12 hours to recharge. If you forget to charge it at night, you will not be able to ride it the following day. We find it limiting since if it is out of power and you need to get to somewhere immediately, you will have to look for another means of transport.


  • Folds in less than 10 seconds
  • A wide deck provides comfortable footing
  • Large weight capacity (267 pounds)
  • LCD is backlit
  • Adjustable suspension for comfortable and stable rides


  • The battery requires 12 hours to recharge to full (But you charge it overnight, so not a big con)


Riding on rough roads is never fun if you can feel every bump in the street. Inokim OX provides a fun way to cruise no matter how your neighborhood paths look like. It is stable, fast, and above all comfortable.

4. Xiaomi M365

Xiaomi M365 is a new addition in the world of electric folding scooters. It expresses its set of unique features aimed at giving you a super-comfortable and fun ride. It explores a unique braking system with a reduced braking distance for a safer trip.


This electric scooter utilizes a durable aluminum alloy construction. It showcases longevity in that it is rust and corrosion proof. All the plastic parts are all impact-proofed to ensure it gives you service for a long time. With a broad deck and inflatable 8.5-inch tires, this scooter is everything you would like for your convenience.

Its braking system is perhaps the most intuitive. It has a rear mechanics disc brake while the front wheel explores an E-ABS braking mechanism. It is highly responsive giving you a braking distance of 13.1ft. It comes with a brushless motor that indicates only a few parts will be moving hence it will not come apart quickly due to friction.

Weighing in at only 26.9 pounds, this scooter is utterly portable. It folds in three easy steps such that you can carry it in the subway or hide it in a small closet when storing it. You don’t need to leave it outside and risk it getting stolen. Finding a place for it in the office is easy.

Using its smart power management, this scooter can reach a distance of 18.6 miles on one charge. It falls right into entry-level electric scooters that you will need for short distances.

Convenient Features

Xiaomi M365 offers you an intuitive app that will provide riding statistics. It pairs easily via Bluetooth such that you can view the remaining battery power, current speed, your riding habits, and other riding statistics. The four LED lights on the dash also indicate the remaining battery life. It is quite thoughtful since you will never be caught with a dead battery.

This model comes with an anti-slip handle. It offers total control which eases fatigue in the hands when you ride for long periods at a time. It has controlled acceleration which offers you a comfortable riding speed by gently pressing on it.

What’s not to like?

Even with all the great specs, this model is not without a few drawbacks. It produces a rattling sound on the folding mechanism. This might be a bit unsettling if you find it distracting. Also, it does not have a phone mount so you will have to take your phone out of your pocket to check the various settings.


  • Battery recovers and regenerates energy to cover longer distances
  • It has an app for the ride statistics
  • Bright headlights and distinct red taillight for braking
  • Double braking system


  • The cruise on has to be turned on using the app


The Xiaomi M365 is designed to cater for short distance travel. It does not have crazy high speeds so you won’t be performing any stunts with it. Even then, this folding scooter is pretty easy to choose based on the durability, braking mechanism, support app, and extra comfort features.

5. Segway Ninebot ES4

Segway Ninebot ES4 has a smart modern design. It has subtle speed to ensure you ride at ideal speeds. This makes it applicable for commuting. With a 300W motor, 187Wh battery, and easy folding, this scooter will be easy to navigate and cruise on busy streets.


This model explores a simple design yet it is full-featured. It allows you to ride with speeds of up to 18.6mph such you can achieve a range of 22 miles on one charge. It has a cruise control function that is pretty easy to use when you want to ride at a constant speed.

You will love that it has a shock absorption mechanism on both the rear and front wheel. It offers you a smooth ride that is comfortable. You will find this feature exceptionally useful if there are a few bumps on the road. It also comes with dual brakes which include a mechanical brake on the rear wheel and an anti-lock brake for the front wheel.

Convenient Features

With Segway Ninebot ES4 you can customize the LED lights to your liking. It has a smart app that connects to this scooter via Bluetooth. This app will help you change the deck LED lights according to your liking. This app also allows you to upgrade the software on this scooter for even more features.

You will be working with an LED dashboard which gives you access to the various functions. Whether it is dark or the outdoors is dazzling with sunlight, you will never miss a thing on this dashboard. We love that it has both the front and rear lights for easy and safe navigation in low-lit conditions.

What’s not to like?

This scooter may not be the best fit for heavy riders. This is because it has 8-inch wheels such that even with the shock absorption, you will still feel the bumps in the road. Some users have also noticed that this scooter’s app is buggy. It does not work 100% as intended which reduces the overall user satisfaction when it is in use.


  • It has a one-click folding system
  • Electrical brake and mechanical brake
  • Rear and front wheel shock absorption system
  • Backlit LED dashboard
  • Front and rear lights


  • Although it has a substantial weight capacity, it does not feel ultra-comfortable for heavy riders.


Segway Ninebot ES4 is a high-performance electric folding scooter. Its simplistic design combined with the customizable features are guaranteed to offer a fun way of getting to work or shopping for supplies. It is designed for optimum visibility and safety owing to the LED light on the deck and the rear and front braking and visibility lights.

6. Uscooter Booster E-TWOW

When more than one family member wants a scooter, and you can only get one, the Booster E-TWOW provides a comfortable ride for all of you. It comes with height-adjustable handles such that you will ride at a proper angle to prevent back pain.


This electric scooter comes with a nearly identical folding mechanism like that of the Xiaomi M365. It will fold down in three steps, and since it is lightweight, you can carry it by hand or use the handle and the rear wheel to stroll. It is a welcome solution when you want to escape the hassle of parking your car.

The scooter has an impressive range of 21 miles with one charge. It can cruise with speeds of up to 18mph. It is a midrange speed seeing you will not be riding at dangerous speeds. This makes it a good choice if you live in areas where traffic can be overwhelming.

With a dual braking system, you can engage either the electric motor brake on the handlebar or the foot brake to engage both the motor and the friction brake. It is intuitive and does not take any time to achieve a sure stop since they are all highly-responsive. This does not call for wild rides so be sure to take precautions when riding.

Convenient Features

We find the kinetic energy recovery system to be very innovative. It reduces the overall energy consumption of this scooter to get you even further range. The energy created is used to power the brakes. But even when the battery is dead, this scooter can be used as a standard kick scooter.

It has airless 8-inch tires that use military-grade rubber. They are extremely tough to improve durability since they won’t puncture anytime soon. We also like that it has a lithium-polymer battery that reduces the weight of this scooter. The battery is in an airtight hood which keeps it safe from humidity. This way, it will not suffer the effects of a cold battery.

Drawbacks but not Deal Breakers

This scooter does not have a mechanical disc brake. It will be challenging to ride on hilly areas because when going downhill the friction brake will not give you sure stoppage. Also, it is advisable to stick to smooth pavements and not on mud and snow. The tires are not designed with deep traction.


  • Lightweight design
  • Three-point folding mechanism
  • Spring shock absorber
  • Military-grade rubber tires
  • Spring shock absorber
  • Airtight hood for the lithium-polymer battery


  • It does not have mechanic disc brakes to facilitate riding downhill


It is obvious that this scooter is designed for riding in smooth pavements. We like it more because of the height-adjustable handles and the lightweight chassis. It has a minimal footprint yet it is very sturdy. Uscooter Booster E-TWOW meets the specifications for durability and portability, why not give it a try.

7. Glion Dolly

The Glion Dolly Foldable Electric scooter is a premium-grade model for commute. The battery takes only 3hours 15 minutes to full charge, and it can achieve a range of 15 miles on a full charge.


The 250W brushless motor and a 36V 6.6Ah lithium-ion battery can get you speeds of up to 15mph. It is a commendable speed considering it is very affordable. This scooter employs a rust-resistant aluminum alloy body. It is sturdy with a manageable weight of only 28 pounds.

The retractable handle works hand-in-hand with the roller wheels such that you can pull it behind you. In its folded dimensions, you can store it in the boot of your car or a small unused space in a crowded apartment.

Convenient Features

Experience smooth braking thanks to the anti-lock electric brake. With the 8-inch military grade tires, the brake will never give you trouble when stopping. We like that all the parts are waterproof including the handlebar. It is safe to ride in moderate wet weather as the controls will not slide when you try to engage them.

What’s not to like?

With only one brake, it is not advised to get into high-traffic roads and hilly areas. This is because a motor brake may need a longer distance to brake, but you may not have that much clearance in an emergency.


  • Pedestrian horn
  • Waterproof controls
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum body with powder coating
  • Never-go-flat airless tires
  • Anti-lock brake
  • Quiet brushless motor


  • It cannot ride on hills and rugged terrain.


Everything about the Glion Dolly Foldable Electric scooter spells convenience. It will help you commute, ride in the park and get home safely. It is your go-to when you need a scooter that is portable with decent speed at an affordable price.

8. EcoReco S5

EcoReco S5 has established itself as a serious contender as a commute electric folding scooter. It has zero emissions, a lightweight hub, and adjustable speeds from 7mph to 12mph and 20mph. It uses an advanced high-density lithium-ion battery and full suspension that facilitates support of heavy riders.


This scooter comes with air-filled tires. These are PU tires that are commonplace with entry-level scooters. We like that it is robust and most people have praised it because of its weight management thanks to the commendable suspension system. As subtle as it is, this model can accommodate riders up to 250 pounds.

EcoReco S5 has a range of 20 miles on a single charge. It employs a rear wheel drive to offer maximum traction such that you can ride on mildly wet surfaces with no problem. Not forgetting it has an energy recovery system to power the brakes.

Convenient Features

This scooter has a safe start throttle. It allows you to start the scooter and accelerate the speed gradually for a smooth take-off. If you are a novice in scooter riding, this feature will help you to master getting on and off the scooter safely.

What’s not to like?

The polyurethane tires need proper maintenance to stay in good condition. This means you have to ensure they are inflated to 70-80psi. Failure to have the tires inflated at this pressure will decrease your range and cause fast wear of the tires.


  • Full-size handlebars
  • Wide deck allows installation of add-ons
  • Full suspension
  • Adjustable speed from 7 to 12, and 20mph
  • Three-stage braking
  • Achieves 70% charge in 2 hours


  • It does not have front lights


EcoReco S5 Electric Folding Scooter showcases incredible safety and comfort features. It is excellent with riders up to 250 pounds, and it has a safe-start throttle. With the configurable speed. Everyone can learn to ride this electric scooter safely.

9. QIEWA Q1Hummer

QIEWA Q1Hummer is not your average electric scooter. It has premium features that account for the outstanding range of up to 62 miles on one charge. Its large tires and double disc brakes are a sure remedy for rough roads and hilly areas.


This scooter has a 48V 26Ah Lithium battery that powers the 800W motor. It can go even further distances allowing you to take even longer rides in the outdoors. If you are out to have fun and even perform stunts, this model will meet your exact needs.

With 10-inch pneumatic tires and double disc brakes, you can conquer all kinds of roads from the smooth roads to grass paths and even rocky trails. It is agile, flexible and able to fulfill your needs for speed since you crank the speeds up to 34mph.

This scooter folds in only three seconds. It is probably the fastest that we have seen on scooters with a little extra weight. It gives you smaller dimensions so that you can take it on public transport without a hassle.

Convenient Features

QIEWA Q1Hummer has a safe and straightforward throttle system. It is straightforward to engage without causing fatigue when you hold it continuously for extended periods. You don’t have to mind the weather since it has a water-resistant body. This means you can ride through puddles but never let it get submerged in water.

What’s not to like?

Even with the folding convenience, it is unlikely you can lift it for more than five minutes without taking a rest. The folding design is only applicable for storage. Adjusting the brakes is also something we do not like since they tend to get loose over time.


  • Strong aluminum alloy chassis
  • Dual shock absorbers
  • Double disc brakes for sure stoppage
  • 10-inch pneumatic tires can cruise on all roads
  • Can support up to 550 pounds


  • It is a bit heavy


Don’t be limited to smooth roads when you can hit the trails with the QIEWA Q1Hummer. This scooter has a robust body that can withstand lots of pressure. The double disc brakes coupled with the dual shock absorbers provide a safe and comfortable ride on rough terrain and even in hilly areas.


From its title, you can tell this is the most portable folding electric scooter. Weighing in at only 14 pounds, it is a perfect pick if you commute and switch the subway several times before you get to work.


By using carbon fiber, CELLOT has managed to reduce the weight of this scooter without compromising on its sturdiness. In fact, it can accommodate riders up to 220 pounds. Better still, it has a 250W motor that is powered by 188Wh lithium battery. With this scooter, you can ride with real speeds of up to 14mph.

The LCD provides you with critical information about the speed, battery life, time, and the odometer that shows the distance. It allows configuring of the gears from 5mph to 9mph and 14mph. With a single charge, you can ride up to 15.5 miles meaning it is ideal for short distances.

Convenient Features

This scooter has a spectacular front which harbors the front lights. It lights up the path to give you enough illumination when riding in the dark. You will like that they have subtle illumination such that you will not blind traffic coming from the opposite direction.

Drawbacks but not Deal Breakers

The tires on the COLLET are only 5.5 inches thick. They are a clear indication they will not ride well on rugged terrain. They are also not comfortable when used with heavy riders.


  • Lightweight design at only 14 pounds
  • Dual braking with electric brake and foot brake
  • Forward-facing lights
  • Field Oriented Control technology for smooth rides
  • High-capacity battery


  • It cannot ride on rugged roads


Weight is always a problem with scooters. But CELLOT has managed to balance the weight with the capacity and the riding power. It has an exceptional construction that allows you to take it just about anywhere. You have no excuse not to get such a lightweight electric scooter that folds compactly.

Best Electric Foldable Scooter: Picking the Ideal Model, Buyer’s Guide

Electric scooters are a convenient way to cruise short distances. When folded, they are more portable than foldable bicycles.

Why should you get a foldable electric scooter?

  • Environment-Friendly

Motorized scooters do not need gasoline; thus they do not produce fumes. As such, they are a nice solution to reducing carbon emissions to our environment.

  • Low maintenance

Unlike bicycles that need oiling of the chain frequently, electric scooters will not require constant maintenance. You don’t need to change the oil or clean the cooling system. With a little adjustment of the brakes and refilling tires, you have small expenses to incur to maintain your scooter in peak condition.

  • Easy to ride

No training is required to start riding a scooter safely. You just need to balance and get used to your model to have loads of fun.

Here are the features to consider before buying a folding electric scooter

  • Folding Mechanism

It seems obvious, but this is probably the first feature you need to consider. The more comfortable your scooter folds, the less time you will take to store it. The folding mechanism also indicates its efficiency like jamming of the latches/hinges. You should be able to fold your scooter in less than 5 seconds.

A three-step folding system is the most common in most electric scooters.

  • Range and Speed

How far can you ride with a single charge? Some electric scooters have a vast distance of over 60 miles and high speeds of over 30mph. These are high-end models that are preferable if you are looking for more fun in the outdoors rather than just commute.

For commuting, you can pick a reasonable range of around 20 miles going at about 18mph. Keep in mind that as the battery depletes, your scooter cannot reach its top speed.

  • Suspension

Your scooter should have a shock absorbing mechanism. You will find a front, rear, or dual suspension in electric scooters. They provide you with a comfortable ride especially if you are riding on unpredictable sidewalks.

  • Deck Size and Weight

A wide deck is more comfortable than a slim deck. Your feet will have ample space such that you won’t feel like you are confining yourself to a small area which may offset your balance when you brake. It is also an excellent choice for long riding sessions.

Looking at the deck height, a deck that is closer to the ground is much more comfortable if you are pushing the scooter when you have a dead battery. This is because you will not need the effort of both legs when you push it.

  • Tire Size

Electric scooters come with polyurethane (PU) or rubber tires in various sizes. PU tires are lightweight and wear resistant, but they are only great on smooth surfaces. Rubber tires are heavy and robust. They have excellent traction and can withstand lots of pressure.

Large tires provide high rolling efficiency on many types of roads. They can absorb shock and offer safety rolling over random objects. But they add to the weight of the scooter and take more effort to slow down and turn around corners.

Small tires, on the other hand, can pick up speed and are easy to slow down. With a small turning radius, you will find it easy to navigate around corners. But they are not shock resistant which makes them uncomfortable to ride for heavy users.


Your best Foldable Electric Scooter will depend on your needs. We have researched the above scooters to give you only high-performance models from top brands. These are popular electric scooters because they excel in speed, safety, and convenience.

Disclaimer: participates in some affiliate programs and we might get a commission on purchases made through our links, but that doesn't change the fact how we write our articles.

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  1. I own Speedway Mini 4 Pro myself and I’m happy with it. Comparing to other similar products in the price range, this one wins, no doubt. Ideally I’d get Inokin OX Super, but that beast is too expensive for me.
    Very well done article and thanks for your time writing it.

  2. Hi,
    How would you evaluate the performance of ninebot es4 climbing steep compared to speedway mini 4 pro.

    1. My company has Ecoreco M3, M5 and S5 and the Ninebot ES2 and ES4 and none of them climb well at all and I have not ridden the speedway mini 4 pro.

      The Ecorecos are much more substantial than the Segway Ninebot ES2 and ES4

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