Best Tire Shine Sprays in 2020 Reviewed & Compared

Best Tire Shine Sprays in 2020 Reviewed & Compared

best tire shineWe want our cars to look as if they just left the factory.  With a polished, glossy body and gleaming, wet black tires. After a while, we wash, polish, and wax the body and somehow forget the tires. Professional detailers will tell you tired gray tires will take the spotlight and not in a good way.

Tire shine is a dressing that will not only make tires look new and shiny, but they also protect them from road elements. Remember they have to deal with road tar, mud, grime, rocks, water, UV, and lots of other stuff. So they will look deadbeat even before they hit the 6-year mark recommended for changing.

Today, we look at the Best Tire Shine. These are top-rated products that we believe will bring back the gloss and shine your tires need.

Best Tire Shine 2020

Product NameTypeCapacityShineApplicationUnique FeaturesPrice
Mothers 06924 Back-To-BlackSolvent-based24 ouncesLow and high glossSpray or use applicator• Surface care technologyCheck Price
Barret-Jackson 9954Water-based22 ouncesLow glossSpray and wipe• Quick-dry formula
• Pleasant smell
• Non-greasy
Check Price
Armor All 78004 ExtremeSolvent-based4-ounce and 22-ounceHigh glossSpray, no wipe• Shield-shine formulaCheck Price
Lucas Oil 10513 Slick MistWater-based24 ouncesMatte shineSpray, no wipe• Aircraft-grade
• UV and sling-resistant
Check Price
Chemical Guys TVD_107_16 V.R.PWater-based cream4-ounce, 16-ounce, and 1-gallonDeep black shineSponge spreader• Vinyl, plastic, and rubber use
• UV protection
Check Price
TriNovaWater-based18-ounce and 1-gallonWet gloss shineSpray and wipe• UV, dirt, and grime resistant
• Long-lasting
Check Price
Stoner Car Care 91044Solvent-based12-ounceHigh shineSpray, no wipe• Water-resistant
• No browning of tires
Check Price
Turtle Wax 50837 Tire Shine and Wheel CleanerSolvent-based23-ounceMatte shineSpray and wipe• Cleaner included
• Bumper and vinyl trim use
Check Price
Black Magic Tire Wet 22320Solvent-based32-ounceWet glossSpray or applicator with a choice to wipe• High molecular-weight silicones and polymer blendCheck Price
Meguiar’s G7516 Endurance Tire GelSolvent-based16-ounceWet glossApplicator and wipe• Cheap
• Water-resistant
• Advanced polymers
Check Price

1. Mothers 06924 Back-To-Black Tire Shine: Best High-End

Mothers Back-To-Black is a name we have come to know and love. This product is all about retaining the shine and improving the durability of your tires.

Performance Features

This tire shine uses the legendary Back-To-Black surface care technology to give a protective finish to tires. It is a solvent-based, silicone tire shine that applies by either spraying or using an applicator to spread the liquid evenly over the tires.

By using enhancement technology, Mothers Back-To-Black clings to rubber. It hydrates the tires making it last long and offer protection against UV, grime, and extreme temperatures that could crack and degrade the tires prematurely.

You get a 24-ounce bottle that will provide a few applications, and since the shine lasts long, we can say the bottle also gives you excellent service for one or two cars. You can get either a low gloss by wiping off the shine after it dries or you can leave it in to get a high-gloss finish.

The tip can go low or higher for a narrow or wide spray. This prevents having too much overflow regarding the size of tires you are using the shine.


Applying the shine using an applicator like a sponge causes the shine to spread unevenly. This will result in several applications which may be a disadvantage if you want a low gloss finish.


  • Show-quality shine
  • Penetrates rubber for increased durability
  • Large 24-ounce bottle
  • Repels dust and grime
  • Can be sprayed and left on or wiped


  • It’s greasy which does not feel good on the hands

Verdict: Mothers 0624 Back-To-Black is without a doubt a top pick for the best tire shine. Their shine lasts long, and it protects tires. Except for the few problems with the bottle, it is a quality product that does what it says.

2. Barret-Jackson 9954 Tire Shine Spray: Best Water-Based

Are you looking for the fastest car detailing product for your car’s tires? Barret-Jackson 9954 is a water-based tire shine that is pleasant to use, and you will like the result.

Performance Features

This is a spray-on product that you will never have to wipe since it does not leave any slings. It uses a quick-dry formula that allows you to spray the shine, and never touch it when it dries. It is a silicone emulsion that will penetrate rubber to give them a black, shiny look.

The result is tires that repel dust and grime and can keep it that way for a long time. The advantage of using a water-based formula is that tires will never brown or suddenly crack when you are on the road. Barret-Jackson can last through car washes and can endure gravel roads, and the shine will last a long time before you need to redo it.

Barret-Jackson comes as a 22-ounce bottle. It provides many uses since it can go for weeks. It has a pleasant smell and is easy to wash off when it gets in your hands.


Even if they say do not wipe, we find that if you do not set the dressing, there are high chances of sling. We also noticed that it does not have a high-gloss finish when compared to solvent-based tire shines like the Mothers Back-To-Black.


  • Spray only, quick-dry formula
  • Able to resist dust and grime
  • Restores lost shine
  • Pleasant smell
  • Washes off easily


  • Needs setting to prevent sling

Verdict: If you are not into too much detailing, Barret-Jackson 9954 is an excellent option. It is water-based, so the chances of tires browning are significantly reduced. It is easy to use, and it lasts for weeks.

3. Armor All 78004 Extreme Tire Shine: Best No Wipe

If you want your tires to come close to a brand new look, ArmorAll is the shine for you. It is a formula designed by a pioneer in the tire care industry, so they know a thing or two about tire shine.

Performance Features

This particular tire shine claims to give a mirror-like shine using their shine-shield formula. It can withstand whatever element you can throw at it, and it will last at least three weeks before you start noticing any greying. It serves to protect the life of your tires so that you don’t have to replace them with new ones if your budget is a little tight.

The tire shine comes in a spray bottle. You just have to spray the formula from 4-6inches away from the tire, leave to dry for 15 minutes and that’s it. This is one of the brands that actually means it when they say no wiping whatsoever is needed. No slings are formed, and you can drive your car out of the garage as soon as the shine settles.


We wish that Armor All could do better with its packaging since some of their bottles arrive with a faulty cap such that some of it may spill. We hope yours won’t present such a problem.


  • Conditions and protects tires
  • No need to wipe
  • Provides extra gloss
  • Available in 22-ounce and 4-ounce bottles


  • Cannot be used with any other material except car tires and dull plastics

Verdict: Armor All is all about simplicity. It is a real no-wipe shine which hydrates and restores a new black look in tired tires. It expresses longevity, and you get to choose from different size bottles to suit your needs.

4. Lucas Oil 10513 Slick Mist Tire and Trim Shine: Best Multipurpose

If you want a product that does not sling with an effortless application process, Lucas Oil 10513 Slick Mist is a winner.

Performance Features

Lucas Oil has nailed the formula of a good tire shine with this water-based product. It is deemed to protect tires, last long, and offer sling and UV resistance. The spray bottle is large and comfortable to hold. It makes applying on large truck tires a simple process since you won’t be going over the same place twice.

Not only trucks that will benefit from this tire shine. It can also be used on small car tires, boats, and airplanes as well as dull and grey bumpers, plastic, vinyl trims, and any rubber products. The long life of this product is also contributed by the fact that it prevents browning of tires.

And if you hate tire shine that smells, this one will be pleasant to use. It has a nice consistency so it won’t just sit on the tires or disappear as soon as it dries, it provides a coating that looks good even in the scorching Florida sun.


This tire shine does not give a wet, black shine. If that’s what you are looking for, you are better off with a product like Armor All Extreme.


  • Does not attract dust and grime
  • Provides a matte, dark finish
  • Water-based and bio-degradable
  • Can be used with airplanes and boats
  • Long lasting


  • Does not produce wet shine results

Verdict: Lucas Oil 10513 Slick Mist is a product to choose for its multiple purposes. It is an aircraft-grade model, and it can be used on plastics, rubber, and vinyl. It opens up lots of possibilities to what you can do with tire shine.

5. Chemical Guys TVD_107_16 V.R.P: Best for Interior and Exterior Car Surfaces

Chemical Guys V.R.P is another multipurpose tire shine. It can be used on vinyl, rubber, and plastic. Even for its different purposes, we expected it cost a little more, but it is quite affordable.

Performance Features

This product is a dry-to-the-touch dressing that is an excellent option for rubber tires as it is on plastic and vinyl parts. Get the shine back on mirror casings and plastic bumpers to get your car show-ready. It enhances the surface of tires such that it repels dust as well as cracks caused by too much exposure from the sun.

It penetrates rubber, vinyl, and plastic surfaces without the fear of discoloration. This means you can apply it as many times as you can. It also indicates that it is easy to clean off so you won’t be spending too much time preparing a surface for a reapplication.

Most people use this dressing on finished leather. The cream is refined to allow a smooth application that is hassle-free. It provides a protective coating that will keep your car’s interior and exterior in top-notch condition. This means it can be a dressing on dashboards, center panels, rubber lines, trims, and any other part that requires its shine back.


Unfortunately, this product has not received any praise for repelling water. It is a recurring complaint, so if you are going to hit the road after the rain; we don’t see the shine lasting for more than three days.


  • Provides UV protection Suitable for car interior and exterior parts
  • Available in different capacity including 4-ounce, 16-ounce, and 1-gallon
  • Penetrates rubber tires
  • Refined cream is easy to apply


  • It is not as long lasting as other water-based tire shines

Verdict: Chemical Guys VRP has a ton of uses. For those who want something that will work on tires and the dashboard as you find every other surface except paint to use it on, we say go for it. The UV and dust protection is excellent, and for that, it deserves a place on our top recommendations.

6. TriNova Tire Shine Spray: Best Long-Lasting Wet Gloss Tire Shine

TriNova is one of the tire shines known for providing overall protection. Whether you are talking about winter saltwater or dust, grime, UV, and tar, it will offer daily protection into the future.

Performance Features

The TriNova formula blend is a spray that keeps tires in great condition. One coat will prevent dulling and yellowing allowing you to have a nice ride that matches a polished body. It provides a wet shine finish for long-lasting gloss.

If you dread dust and grime sticking to tires as soon as you take a dirt path, you will want to use TriNova. Known for its resilience, this shine will also resist salt water so no stains will form when driving on ice. We do like that it dries completely to prevent spraying your car’s paint.

You can choose the kind of shine you want with this product. By leaving it longer, the shine produces a wet shine that will not come off. If you are looking for a low gloss finish, wiping it off will remove the excess to create a matte look.


This tire shine is a bit expensive. If you are always on dirt and gravel paths, you will notice it will not last as long as cars that stick to the tarmac. This means multiple applications will cost you more than you would like to spend on tire shine.


  • Water-based, no sling
  • Shine is variable
  • Wet-gloss look
  • Comes with an extra-long tube
  • Resists dirt and grime


  • It is a bit pricey

Verdict: If you want a wet gloss shine that lasts long, TriNova does it for you. It produces rich results that you will be proud of even though it costs a little more than other water-based tire shines. One coating is enough, and your tires will not be asking for another coat for weeks.

7. Stoner Car Care 91044 More Shine Water Resistant Tire Dressing

Stoner Car Care is a solvent-based tire shine that repels water, dirt, and grime. It is an easy-to-use dressing that will restore a lustrous look in car tires in a less than five minutes.

Performance Features

Skip the mess and hassle of foam and liquid shines with the Stoner Car Care. The aerosol sprayer requires applying the dressing and walking away. No wiping is involved, and you can count on it to deliver a shine that lasts.

If you are a car detailer and are handling several cars, the last thing you want is to keep going back to set the shine. It is water resistant making it a must-have for those who drive on wet paths. It prevents acquiring waterborne dirt such that it can last longer. It is also UV-resistant to keep out the damaging effects of the sun.

You can also control the shine with this formula. One coat gives a satin look while two coats give a high gloss.


This product does not last as long as other water-resistant formulas. It can go for as long as a week while others can last three weeks if you live in a wet environment.


  • It’s not greasy and dries to the touch
  • Water-resistant
  • No need to wipe
  • Does not attract dust and dirt
  • Shine can be controlled


  • It is non-CARB compliant

Verdict: Water resistance is a critical factor in protecting the shine in your tires. Stoner Car Care does a neat job to prevent water stains and dust by providing a protective coating. It is cheap and easy to apply making it ideal for DIYers and detailers the same.

8. Turtle Wax 50837 Tire Shine and Wheel Cleaner

Turtle Wax 50837 is a kit that includes a wheel cleaner and tire shine. It provides a smooth and fast way of getting things done without going back to the store.

Performance Features

You get all the products for a complete tire cleaning day with Turtle Wax. The cleaner has grease cutting surface ingredients as well as advanced brake dust removers to ready your tires for a shine application. It ensures that the shine will settle and penetrate the rubber instead of forming a greasy layer that will come off as soon as you drive out of the garage.

The shine is UV resistant, and it can also be applied on vinyl trims and black bumpers. This should prevent drying and cracking of these critical features of your car.

It is best to use the applicator for the shine and wipe any excess off with the microfiber cloth. The cloth also comes in handy to help set in the shine or produce a matte gloss look if that’s what you want.


For truck tires that have had a good beating, it’s hard for this formula to settle and bring out the shine. It is also difficult to remove old grime and brake dust. As such, it is only useful with newer cars or those that are properly maintained from time to time.


  • Comes with applicator and microfiber cloth
  • Cleaner does an efficient job
  • Shine is UV resistant
  • Applies fast and easy
  • Can be of use with black bumpers and vinyl trim


  • It takes a long time to settle and dry completely

Verdict: Turtle Wax 50837 is the ideal DIYer kit. It gives a well-rounded cleaner and a shine that is versatile. It is not only suitable for tires, but it will work on other surfaces too. For the price, this kit is a good deal.

9. Black Magic Tire Wet 22320

Black Magic Tire Wet lasts longer than most tire shines its class.  Only one mist is needed to provide a wet, glossy finish that will last exceptionally long.

Performance Features

This tire shine is a combination of high molecular-weight silicones and polymers that bring out the brilliant shine in any old-looking tires. It protects tires from drying and cracking and keeps out UV rays to help prevent a weary look on tires.

It is easy to use the shine by spraying it on the tire walls. We find that using a cloth helps to prevent overspray which is hard to remove once it attracts grime. The formula settles quite fast because in three minutes it will have penetrated rubber to give a high-gloss shine. You can use a dry cloth or sponge to wipe it down for a low-gloss finish.

Being silicone-based, this shine has proved not to cause browning of tires. It can be used lots of times since it is not a big hassle to remove it.


We find this shine a little messy. It is easy to get to the rims that’s why an applicator will do a better job. Also, the cap does not come off easily which makes it hard to refill.


  • Only one coating is needed
  • Can achieve a high or low gloss finish
  • Silicone formula lasts long without browning tires
  • Dries quickly


  • Isolated complaint about bottle leaking

Verdict: When you want the convenience of choosing between a high or low gloss, Black Magic Tire Wet is the formula to have. It is long-lasting, easy to apply, and most of all safe for long-term use. It is a real wet gloss tire shine.

10. Meguiar’s G7516 Endurance Tire Gel: Best Premium

Meguiar’s G7516 Endurance Tire Gel is also an ideal tire shine for a durable wet gloss shine. It is from a renowned brand rated top for their quality products which also include foam, and aerosol tire shines.

Performance Features

This particular tire shine is an improved design that is not in a sprayer bottle. It allows you to control the amount so you will not have to deal with overspray after it dries off.  The formula consists of advanced polymers built to bond with the tire surface.

Now you can say goodbye to shine that slings and leaves the rim a mess when you are driving. You will like that is water resistant such that water will form beads instead of washing off the coating. It gives you a wet gloss finish that will last for weeks.

The name Endurance lines up with its UV resistance since it prevents tires from becoming brown or yellow. No other element can bond with this shine that’s why it will wear off on its own, and you can remove it easily for a new application.

With their vast array of products, we find the Meguiar’s Hot Shine Tire Foam worth a mention. It is a cleaner and shine in one resulting in a wet, glossy shine with less effort. This shine is also water and UV resistant.

Drawbacks of Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel

This tire gel is not ideal for the wet weather. Its water resistance is for the occasional driving over a puddle and not in rainy weather. For dry weather, it can last two weeks, but in wet weather, it’s going to require applying now and then.


  • Easy to control the amount
  • Long-lasting in dry weather
  • Bonds to the tire surface
  • High-gloss shine


  • Takes long to dry

Verdict: Meguiar’s Endurance Tire Gel is a lot easier to apply and prevent overspray. It is water resistant to a reasonable extent and remains protective against other elements such as dust, grime, and salt water. It is one of the most long-lasting. So, except if the weather turns, we can see you looking for a refill.


We have listed the Best Tire Shines that will get the job done fast and easy. These are products from decent brands that stick to what they say the tire shine will do. You can achieve a high gloss, satin, matte, or low gloss with one of these top performing tire shines.