Best Outdoor TV in 2020 Reviewed & Compared

Best Outdoor TV in 2020 Reviewed & Compared

best outdoor tvOutdoor living spaces bring everyone together. And when you want to watch the game and barbecue at the same time, an outdoor TV syncs your desires together. Unfortunately, your regular living room TV will not cut it. Not when you have the elements to deal with.

When you want a permanent solution, a TV designed to withstand extreme temperatures is a must-have.

Beat the hassle of the search with one of our Best Outdoor TVs.

Best Outdoor TV 2020

Product NameResolutionStandout FeaturesPrice
(3840 x 2160)
500-nit brightness
• HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 ports
• OptiView modes
• Weatherproofed cable compartment and remote
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SunBriteTV Outdoor Verandah TV4K UHD (3840 x 2160)• 20W internal speakers
• Weatherproofed entry system for cables
• Rustproof housing
• Two USB ports and Four HDMI ports
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SunBriteTV Signature4K UHD (3840 x 2160)
700-nit brightness
• Two HDMI ports
• OptiView modes
• HDBaseT Receiver and IR repeater
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Mirage Vision Gold Series4K Ultra HD• TFT screen with LED backlighting
• 55W power consumption
• Built-in 20W speakers
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Seura STRM-55.3-UB1920 x 1080p
700-nit brightness
• Active Airflow System
• Anti-glare glass screen
• High TNI panels
• Isotropic blackout protected
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Seura STRM 42.3-S1920 x 1080p
450-nit brightness
• 178 degrees wide angle screen
• Anti-glare, anti-reflective glass screen
• Isotropic blackout protected
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Sealoc 4K Weatherproofed4K Ultra HD• Nano-coating technology
• Wi-Fi connectivity
• Dolby speakers
• IP68 waterproof rating
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Peerless UV6524K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160p)• High TNI and IPS panels
• USB and HDMI ports
• Universal remote control 6
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Evervue Cosmos4K UHD (3840 x 2160p)
700-nit resolution
• Non-reflective glass screen
• Duo and triple fan cooling technology
• Set top compartment
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Skyvue NXG1080p HD• 1000 nits brightness
• Three HDMI ports and one USB port
• Nine color options
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1. SunBriteTV SE 43-Inch SB-SE-43-4K-BL Weatherproof Outdoor Television: Best for Partial Sun

SunBriteTV is a renowned outdoor television manufacturer. With its products built to withstand everything the weather can throw at them, we look at the popular SE model designed for areas with partial sun.

Design Features

If you live in areas where the sun wakes you up, the outdoor brightness means you cannot install just any TV by the pool. It means looking at models with anti-glare features. SunBriteTV SE is that perfect addition to your patio, deck, and an outdoor area that receives lots of ambient light.

It comes with 500-nit high brightness, an anti-glare screen that is two times brighter than indoor televisions. You are guaranteed an immersive viewing experience even when the sun is high, and it will feel great in dark conditions.

The 4K Ultra HD resolution provides color fidelity with detailed specs for dramatic viewing. This TV is built around a 1-inch flat bezel and a powder-coated aluminum back surface. It is quite robust, and it has complete sealing against moisture, snow, insects, salt air, and dust.

You will like that it comes with a weather-sealed compartment where all the cables run without allowing the tiniest snowflakes and water droplets to get through. This is all thanks to the foam rubber gaskets that run around the edges of this compartment.

When it comes to its operating temperature, SunBriteTV SE can be permanently installed outside. It can work in temps as low as -24° F and as high as 122° F. If it is not being used, you can store this TV in temperatures between -24° F and 140° F.

Its viewing features are quite incredible seeing that it has an OptiView feature that you can adjust for day or night viewing. It also supports all 4K sources thanks to the HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 ports.

Drawbacks of the SunBriteTV SE 43-Inch

We do like the inclusion of a soundbar, but unfortunately, it does not match the TV in terms of the sound. It not as loud as many people would like, especially if you are using it around loud family members. You won’t be able to enjoy loud music on this TV.

  • Completely weatherproofed
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures
  • 500-nit anti-glare screen
  • OptiView day and night modes
  • Weatherproof remote and cable compartment
  • Durable aluminum casing
  • It is quite heavy for a 43-inch TV

Verdict: SunBriteTV SE is an ideal choice for all year watching. Its rustproof body and ability to handle extreme temperatures means it is set to take on the elements. It is a good fit if you are going to mount it permanently since it is also a bit heavy.

2. SunBriteTV Outdoor Verandah TV SB-5574UHD-BL: Best for Shaded Outdoors

SunBriteTV Veranda looks much like the SE model, but it is destined for fully shaded areas. You can use it on a porch, sunroom, or patios. The TV will not do great in direct sunlight, but it is weatherproof, and it remains protected from the elements.

Design Features

The Verandah Series of outdoor TVs represent cheaper models by SunBriteTV. These TVs cannot be used in brightly lit environments. This 55-inch TV is way larger than its other counterparts. Thus it’s ideal for large living spaces.

This TV is 30% brighter than indoor TVs. As such, you should not have trouble watching your favorite movies in your screened gazebo. The screen is diagonal color active matrix LED with 4K ultra HD resolution. It is compatible with 4K sources and other streaming sources since it has HDMI and HDCP ports.

SunBriteTV Verandah features a chunky look with an aluminum case. The housing keeps it safe from extreme temperatures, wind, rain, snow, humidity, etc. It has the same temperature range as that of the SE model from -24° F to 144° F.

It has 20W internal speakers that give the TV great sound. It is not supplied with a soundbar, though. Its rugged design means it can be mounted and left outside. Even the cables have a weatherproofed compartment, and the cable is bolted to the back panel for further weatherproofing. You don’t have to worry about extra shielding as this TV can take it all.

Snags of the SunBriteTV Verandah

This TV suffers from input lag that may not be a big deal if you are only watching movies. But for gaming, it is a whole different world since you cannot hope to win with it. Input lag affects gameplay, and as such, it is only ideal for casual but not competitive gaming.

  • Easy to install
  • 4K resolution
  • Has built-in 20W speakers
  • Compatible with 4K sources
  • Weatherproofed cable entry system
  • Rustproof aluminum housing
  • The screen can suffer from glare under extreme sunlight
Verdict  SunBriteTV Verandah TV SB-5574UHD-BL is an economical choice when it comes to outdoor TVs for shaded areas. It does what it is designed to do by keeping out the weather and protecting the internal components from snow, rain, wind, salt air, and humidity. To have such a TV means your investment is protected.

3. SunBriteTV Signature SB-S-55-4K-BL Outdoor TV: Best High-End

SunBriteTV pushes the limits of outdoor televisions. The Signature SB-S-55-4K-BL is built for partially sunny rooms with a screen that’s 3x brighter than indoor TVs.

Design Features

Your indoor TV is not designed to get wet, but you can leave our next model outside. If you have a patio that is not covered, this TV will work without a hitch. Moreover, you can install it in your backyard or by the pool, and it will work perfectly throughout the seasons.

This TV has a 700-nit brightness. Coupled with the 4K UHD resolution, it is the ultimate solution for immersive gaming and streaming. You get to enjoy an anti-glare screen so you won’t be looking for shade when you are having some fun on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

The overall build of this TV indicates it is built to last. From the powder-coated aluminum housing to weatherproof cable entry system, both its exterior surface and internal components are protected. All the parts are safe from short-circuiting, and problems brought about by extreme temperatures.

This TV comes with an HDBaseT receiver and an IR repeater. It is a nice feature that can transmit audio and video through one long-distance cable. This way, you can receive uncompressed audio and video, so no compromises are made in your viewing experience.

Snags of the SunBriteTV Signature SB-S-55-4K-BL

You will have to supply this TV with a weatherproof speaker that is sold separately. It is a huge disadvantage since the TV is expensive already, we don’t see why SunBrite could not include the speaker as an accessory.  Also, this TV has only two HDMI ports. If you have lots of 4K sources, you will have to keep switching the cable every time you need to change to a new source.

  • Three times brighter than indoor TVs
  • Weatherproofed cable hookup system
  • Powder-coated aluminum housing
  • Can handle extreme temperatures
  • OptiView modes for day and night viewing
  • It does not include speakers

Verdict: Having a TV by the poolside is now possible with the SunBriteTV Signature SB-S-55-4K-BL. This model shows reliability against the weather and the elements. It is a good size for the whole family, and without glare, everyone can enjoy the game even from the far end of the patio.

4. Mirage Vision Gold Series 55-Inch Outdoor LED Television: Best Cheap

If you are not up to using a box to cover your TV from the sun and rain, you will want to consider the Mirage Vision Gold Series TV. Regarded as the World’s thinnest outdoor TV, it is only 1.5 inches thick.

Design Features

This TV has undergone lots of alteration to suit the outdoors. All its internal components are sealed with silicon. This includes the speakers, so you are guaranteed 20W output sound. The ventilation holes feature a membrane cover that works to allow heat to escape, but no moisture can get in.

The holes at the bottom of the back cover are left open so that heat can escape through the vents at the top. These features ensure that your TV is not just sealed, but also will not heat from within and short circuit on you. We do like that Mirage Vision has also included a water-resistant coating on the outside and that every screw hole has been filled with sealant.

Its recessed housing protects all the connections for the TV including the input and outputs. A plastic cover has also been included to protect all cables going in and out of the TV.

The slim frame gives it a stylish design since it looks like a regular indoor TV. It promises a bright view owing to its Active Matrix Liquid Crystal TFT screen with LED backlight. It gives you a wide viewing angle that is ideal for sports matches. When combined with its 4K ultra HD resolution, you may never want to watch baseball in a club again.

Snags of Mirage 55-Inch Gold Series

Because this TV is custom altered for the outdoors, you will want to take the complete weatherproofing with a grain of salt. This is because it may withstand extreme temperatures, but direct exposure to the elements like rain may cause some water to seep in.

  • UV-treated housing
  • Customized to handle moisture and insects
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures
  • Ideal for partially covered outdoor settings
  • The cable system is sealed
  • It has built-in 20W speakers
  • Mirage Vision does not have good customer service regarding complaints

Verdict: If you are not willing to spend more on an outdoor TV, Mirage Vision Gold Series 55-inch TV is way better than taking risks with an indoor TV.  It has customized sealing to keep the elements at bay, showcasing longevity. It may not last a lifetime but the work done on it shows it is worth every dollar.

5. Seura STRM-55.3-UB 55-Inch Storm Ultra Bright Outdoor TV: Best for Full Sun 

Seura Storm Ultra Bright Outdoor TV is a sophisticated model that will get you loving every moment you spend outdoors.

Design Features

This TV is designed for full sun use. You can install it where there’s no shade and expect bright and vivid images as if you are in your living room. With the help of Luminoptics technology, the TV achieves a 700-nit brightness with its dual-layer anti-glare screen. It gives you vivid imagery no matter the outdoor lighting conditions.

Seura Storm Ultra Bright also employs Adaptive Picture Technology. It ensures that the image brightness and contrast adjust to the ambient light. When it’s dark, the TV reduces the intensity and increases it when the sun is shining right on it.

This TV also has Seura’s Active Airflow System which allows proper ventilation of the TV at all times. It should never suffer overheating effects of being mounted above the fireplace.

The exterior frame of Seura Storm Ultra Bright is a beveled edge with a seamless glass face and an aluminum mitered frame. The frame is triple sealed to keep out ice, dust, insects, and other elements. It has high TNI panels that can withstand extreme heat and prevent isotropic blackout when it is in direct sunlight.

Drawbacks of Seura STRM-55.3-UB Storm Ultra Bright

This TV is pretty heavy. At over 100 pounds, it is perhaps one of the heaviest on our list. This spells disaster during the installation process since you will need more than one pair of extra hands.  It also means that you will want to invest in a mount that can handle its weight, preferably Seura’s mount.

  • Employs Luminoptics and adaptive picture technology
  • Uses an advanced airflow system to maintain optimal conditions
  • Ideal for use under full sun
  • Aluminum housing is triple sealed
  • Uses an anti-glare protective glass screen
  • It is expensive, and it’s only 1080p

Verdict: You may have to dig deeper into your pockets for the Seura Storm Ultra Bright TV. But this comes with an advantage if you don’t have a sheltered space. Its anti-reflect glass screen is UV coated meaning it won’t suffer from exposure isotropic blackout. Use it to your convenience whether the weather is favorable or not.

6. Seura STRM 42.3-S 42-Inch Storm for Shaded Areas

Seura Storm for Shaded Areas is just as its name indicates. If you have a screened gazebo or your patio receives enough shade, you can have a go with this particular Seura model. You will notice that it is cheaper than the Storm Ultra Bright for obvious reasons.

Design Features

This is a fully weatherproofed TV that has anti-glare and anti-reflective glass panels. Its brightness is only 450-nit, which manages to deliver vivid imagery and optimal performance in bright ambient light. The glass has a matte finish that is satin-like to give you a high brightness display. It can diffuse light effectively resulting in crisp, clear picture.

Apart from the anti-glare screen, this TV uses high TNI panels. This feature comes in handy to prevent a screen blackout if it is ever exposed to a direct reflection of the sunlight. You will like that it follows through with a slim profile since it is only 2.7inches in diameter. It will complement a contemporary outdoor living space.

Its temperature range is also impressive since it is functional in temps between -22° F and 122° F. When winter hits, the extreme temperatures should not get you worried whether the TV will function in spring and summer the same.

This TV goes through the triple sealing in its aluminum mitered frame. It also has a beveled edge and a tapered profile. It has two 10W speakers, three HDMI ports, and one USB port. You’ll also get a host of other inputs and outputs including a display port, one Component YPbPr, an AV output, etc.

Snags of Seura Storm for Shaded Areas

The Seura remote controller is very functional, but it isn’t waterproof and weatherproofed. You will have to protect it from the elements while it is installed outside.

  • Aspect ratio is changeable
  • High TNI panels and anti-glare glass screen
  • Matte finish improves anti-reflection
  • Protected from isotropic blackout
  • Triple-Lock Seal has been administered
  • Slimmer than traditional outdoor TVs
  • It does not have a weatherproofed remote

Verdict: It is impressive to see all the features represented in the Seura Storm for Shaded Areas. The anti-glare screen and matte finish all ensure that you have an amazing viewing experience. For the price, we don’t mind the HD screen, and since it is fully weatherproofed, you can count on it for longevity.

7. Sealoc 4K Weatherproofed Outdoor TV: Best Smart Outdoor TV

Sealoc uses a conformal coating to weatherproof LG and Samsung TVs. This particular model uses LG components but is completely sealed from the weather.

Design Features

Sealoc takes all the advanced components of this TV and gives you a TV that you can use in the bright outdoors with a patio cover. It uses nano-coating to seal the parts completely. Its nano coating undergoes rigorous testing which places this TV at an IPX8 weatherproofed rating.

It can keep out dust, water, snow, insects, salt air, and even high humidity. It offers a bright and high-quality display that gives you the perfect viewing experience. With the 4K IPS screen, you can enjoy 4K Ultra HD resolution in changing weather conditions.

Sealoc delivers a slim and lightweight outdoor TV that is 30% brighter than indoor TVs. It can perform in temperatures ranging from -14°  to 140° F.

This TV gives you smart abilities since you can stream live from the web, browse, and access the apps you want from the comfort of your deck. It has a 120Hz refresh rate, which makes it ideal for gaming and watching live sports. It eliminates choppy images and input lag so you can game competitively and never lose a match due to delayed input.

It can connect via Wi-Fi, and it also includes USB and HDMI ports. You can stream from physical devices and share videos and photos. It uses certified, bottom-firing Dolby speakers to deliver rich sound. Movies have the cinematic feeling to them, and you can dance to your favorite tunes due to booming lows with clear mids and crip highs.

Drawbacks of the Sealoc Weatherproof Outdoor TV

Sealoc cannot handle a lot of glare. Even if it is advertised as being capable of handling some sunlight, you will need to install it in a protected area without direct sunlight. Otherwise, you may be dealing with whitewashed images, which is not a pleasant experience.

  • Smart TV capabilities
  • 4K UHD resolution
  • A wide range of operating temperatures
  • Bottom-firing Dolby speakers
  • IP68 waterproof rated housing
  • 120Hz motion refresh rate
  • It does not come with the cover

Verdict: If you are looking for advanced features on a tight budget, Sealoc is a serious contender for the best. It has Wi-Fi connectivity, a brilliant display, and a patented nano-coating sealing. What you get is a TV that looks regular and elegant but can withstand the weather and extreme temperatures.

8. Peerless UV652 65-Inch 4K UHD Outdoor TV: Best with Automation Possibilities

Peerless Ultra View UHD Outdoor TV is available in three sizes. We look at the 65-inch model that is a bit bulky but destined for backyard sports watching and family days.

Design Features

This TV boasts a 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) with high TNI panels that prevent isotropic blackout. It also comes with an IPS panel that offers a wide viewing angle. That’s why it is ideal for watching sports matches. The display stands at 500-nits, which is exceptionally bright for outdoor applications.

Peerless boasts a durable aluminum housing that is set to withstand temperatures ranging from -22° F to 122° F. You can leave it on the porch and never worry about maintenance or water accessing the internal components. Since this TV is maintenance-free, you will not need to service or change the filters on it.

The input compartment is an essential entity of this TV since it provides safe storage for the cables. This means it is not at risk of short-circuiting if the wires are exposed to moisture. The universal remote controller is also weatherproofed. Apart from using it with the Peerless UV TV, you can also control three other devices.

If you are looking to have advanced automation controls, you will be happy that Peerless is a Crestron Integrated Partner. It provides for seamless integration with Crestron commercial and residential automation. You can control devices in other parts of the room like a security camera right from your Peerless Outdoor TV.

This TV comes with one USB port and three HDMI with HDCP 2.2 ports. It enhances connectivity and streaming from 4K sources.

Snags of Peerless UV 65-Inch

You cannot count on this TV for gaming because of the 8ms response time. You are left to use it for regular viewing of TV shows, music videos, and movies. For the price, we would have liked a little more attention to the response time. Faster response time would make this TV good for video games, which would be excellent for those looking for a multifunctional outdoor TV.

  • High TNI panel and wide-angle IPS panel
  • Safe storage with input compartment
  • Has HDMI and USB ports
  • Includes high-quality speakers
  • Waterproof universal remote control
  • Includes IR extender
  • It has a bulky, traditional design

Verdict: Peerless UV 65-Inch Outdoor TV provides all-weather performance. It is a good companion when you have guests gathered around the barbecue. It maintains high brightness and a quality display for satisfactory viewing. You can even include Peerless outdoor soundbars with 80W sound output for surround sound.

9. Evervue Cosmos Outdoor TV: Best Premium Quality

Cosmos by Evervue is another top recommendation for the best outdoor TV. Designed to take the cold, rain, sun, and hot temperatures, this TV is destined to live in your backyard.

Design Features

Cosmos can be mounted under direct sunlight and never suffer from glare and reflection that cause blacking out of the TV. It has a 4K Ultra HD resolution to give you outdoor entertainment on another level. It boasts a 700-nit brightness enhanced panel and an anti-glare glass screen. Whether it is sunrise or sunset, you can always enjoy your favorite shows.

You will notice that this TV has a weather cap. It is a unique way of telling you it is built for the outdoors. It is made such that birds and other animals can never lean on the frame. It remains clean and free from insect intrusions not just because of the cap, but also because it is completely sealed.

The cap gives it an extra layer of protection since the snow will not be melting on the frame and bird droppings will not give it a bad look. It is the ideal all-year TV for residential and commercial entertainment.

Evervue Cosmos TV uses a high-grade stainless steel exterior. It is scratch and stain-resistant, and it is rustproof to withstand exposure to water. You will find the cable storage compartment and hanging points for flat installation against the wall on the back of the TV.

When looking at the temperature management system, this TV can withstand a temp range from -40° F to 122° F. It comes with a Duo Fan Cooling System on models smaller than 75 inches. The 75 and 85-inch models have a triple fan system that brings about the optimal operating temperatures.

This TV uses only 24volts. It can, therefore, be installed near hot tubs or pools. It also comes with a 20ft outdoor power cable that can withstand heavy-duty applications. The power cable has a built-in insulator and is water-resistant.

When it comes to a TV that is meant to stay outdoors, it means contending with people who would like to get away with your TV. That’s why the Evervue Cosmos TV is compatible with Kensington locks. This way, you won’t come home one day to find your favorite TV gone.

Cosmos has a unique sound experience that includes special audio streamers. Sound is directed to you instead of neighbors or the rest of the house.

Finally, Cosmos is a Smart Android TV that allows you to connect via Wi-Fi and stream to your smartphone or tablet. You can also access apps and game online without investing in gaming peripherals.

Snags of Evervue Cosmos

This TV has only two HDMI ports. For a TV that has so many features, you may want to take advantage of every port and streaming device that you have. It is limiting so you cannot depend on it when you want lots of connectivity options.

  • Universal remote control
  • Can be installed near a hot tub or by the poolside
  • It has lost of mounting options from the assortment of Cosmos mounts
  • Available in brushless steel or matte finish
  • It has smart capabilities
  • Can be locked with a Kensington lock
  • Only two HDMI ports

Verdict: Cosmos brings just about every possible feature to an outdoor TV. It is not only smart and weatherproofed, but it also has anti-glare features. It comes with a protective cap that allows installation under direct sunlight. It provides maximum sound quality and multifunctional features like online gaming. For a well-rounded outdoor TV experience, Cosmos has your back.

Important: The manufacturer doesn’t sell this model on its site anymore.

10. Skyvue NXG 32-Inch DS-1000 NIT Full Sun Outdoor TV

Skyvue NGX 32” is an all-weather TV that brings optimum quality and the ruggedness needed for outdoor use. It fits outdoor spaces from the deck to the patio and even a boat.

Design Features

Skyvue Full Sun TV has its top of the line 1000-nit bright LED TV. It can compete with the brightest sunny conditions by ensuring you get bright and color-rich imagery. It boasts a full HD 1080p resolution and is two times brighter than many other outdoor TVs.

With an IP55 waterproof rating, this TV is protected against direct water splashes. It is sealed to ensure it can withstand elements such as extreme temperatures, ice, insects, and excess humidity.

You get to choose from different powder-coated metallic housings that vary from black to gray, orange, blue, and even earth tones. This way, you can match your theme with the TV and have a harmonized outdoor family living space.

You can pay a little more to get the smart version with an inbuilt Roku system. It allows Wi-Fi connectivity, which means that you can stream shows from Netflix and other movie sites as well as browse and access apps. It can also stream via HDMI or connect over a USB cable.

Snags of the Skyvue NXG-32000-DS

Unfortunately, this TV does not have an inbuilt speaker. You will have to use external auxiliary speakers. If you don’t have the money to spend on outdoor speakers, you will have to move your existing sound system back indoors every time you leave the TV outside.

  • Weather-tight metallic housing
  • 1000-nit brightness screen
  • Available in nine powder-coated colors
  • Anti-glare screen
  • Optional Roku system
  • 2-year warranty
  • It does not have an inbuilt speaker

Verdict: So many features make the Skyvue 32-inch NXG model an ideal choice for the outdoors. It is small, but it has lots of connectivity options.  Its high-definition screen brings immersive entertainment on a budget. For full value for your money, this TV is a suitable choice.

Important: The manufacturer doesn’t sell this model on its site anymore.


No one wants to stay indoors when the weather is inviting. With our Best Outdoor TVs, you can have an awesome experience catching up with your favorite shows and games. We have chosen models from top-performing brands like SunBriteTV and Mirage Vision, which have put the best foot forward to give optimum weatherproofing and high-quality displays.

Get your share of outdoor entertainment only from the best!

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